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Cre Cart

Everyone working together really inspires me to keep going. And I have lost 10 pounds. Woohoo!

Kimberly Carter

Staff and instructors are very nice and always gives me a great workout. The work outs are never the same and I love that. Such a great place to work out at.

Leslie Nicole

My daughter LOVES this program. She never wants to leave when I arrive and tell her it's time to go. I can not say enough good things about all the coaches and how they are helping my daughter develop valuable skills she will be able to use for a lifetime!

Cari Williams

BEST Afterschool care. My daughter never wants to leave. It makes you feel good when a place makes your child happy. Thanks to all the Coaches for giving our children a place to want to go to.

Casey Lyle

This has been a great choice for a summer camp. The kids are always doing something and my child is excited to go back day after day.

Amanda Stites

Amazing staff, they truly care about their students. This has been such a positive experience for our children, looking forward to continuing our kid's training at Apexx.

Lisete Matias

This is such an awesome place for families! Students really enjoy the programs and the staff is amazing!

Christina Murphy

Dedicated and attentive staff! It takes a village sometimes and Apexx is part of ours! Our daughter has enjoyed the last several months very much. Thank you to the staff for keeping her accountable and encouraging my daughter to do her best!

Andrea Bird

My children’s confidence and self-esteem and discipline have increased tremendously since they have been at Apex! The instructors are caring and set very high standards for the students. Mr. Rankin is an amazing leader!

Victoria Salter reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

I've only been taking classes from here for approx. four months now, but I've learned so much in that short time. From day 1, everyone makes you feel like family and clearly wants to see you do your absolute best. A great school, full of great people!

T.j. Parramore reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

Pursuing a passion of mine since I was a kid! The experience so far has been great. The instructors and practitioners have all been very helpful and encouraging. I am glad I found this place.

Amanda Loyd Talbert reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

Our experience with (Apexx) has been great. My son is learning such great skills and character traits from his instructors. I love how they teach respect and discipline. I can tell that it's making him pay closer attention to adults. And he's setting goal after goal because he wants to be like his instructors. For me, I'm very happy because I'm seeing a lot of growth in him.

Brooke Bedford reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son has only attended for a short amount of time, but already we have seen such an improvement in his behavior and attention span. Everyone here from the staff at the front desk to the class instructors are so nice and helpful!

Valerie Thomas reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

We really enjoyed our trial experience at WR Martial Arts. I was very impressed with how they interacted with my rowdy 3 year old and have seen a big difference in his behavior at home. My 5 year old also learned A LOT in a very short amount of time. We are giving our kids a chance to check out some different sports but if they decide they want to continue with Taekwondo - we will definitely be coming back here! Great staff and program.

April Flagg reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son had his 9th B-day party here and oh my much fun!! The kids loved it! Never a dull moment. Games, food, class and a beautiful sword to cut the cake with. Best part...he keeps the sword! What a great addition to a great day. Great value! My son will remember this party for a long time.

Steven Sheffield reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love it here. It has helped my daughter in so many ways. It has given her so much confidence and higher self esteem. The bonus is learning self defense skills. The staff here love their jobs and really enjoy teaching the kids. It's their passion.

Randy Phillips reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

Great place! Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. We truly enjoyed our visit. Thank you all.

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Our latest news & thoughts

COVID 19 and Apexx

Hello Apexx and Warner Robins Family,

Just like you, we are concerned about COVID 19. We thought we would take some time to update you.

We have for the last 15 years made cleaning our facility a priority and today is no different. We are known throughout the Middle GA area for having one of the best kept facilities around. Bleach has always been our friend! Our facility is professionally cleaned daily.

In fact, we are taking more precautions than ever.  😊

In addition, we are preparing a plan to satisfy everyone’s martial arts, after school and fitness goals.

Here are some of those things:

  • We have launched streaming of classes and have begun work on virtual class videos. You will find these videos on Zoom, Facebook and Youtube.
  • At home lesson plans.
  • To ensure that everyone in our facility is healthy and happy, we are going to be requiring a quick forehead scan for all students, parents, and siblings, to confirm that temperatures are 100.3 or lower as established by the Mayo Clinic, and we are going to require hand sanitizer before entering the facility. People who show any symptoms will not be allowed to attend/enter our facility.
  • We will have hand soap and hand sanitizer available for use. We strongly encourage students and parents to wash their hands when they enter and leave the academy.
  • We’d also like students to take the time to use hand sanitizer any time they enter and exit the training area.
  • Everyone will be required to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or singing Happy Birthday to yourself twice) after they use the restroom.
  • When greeting people please bow or wave. We will be temporarily putting a hold on the use of handshakes and high-fives and replace them with fist bumps and elbows.  We will, however, still smile, give lots of thumbs ups and bow to greet each other.
  • Please wipe down your training gear after each use.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Avoid sharing personal items

Please adhere to these policies.


We are asking for the cooperation of all our students and families.


We are prepared to remain open for those of you that wish to continue lessons within the facility.

For those of who do not feel comfortable coming to our facility please make time to get your classes in as mentioned above. We know whatever your decision it is made with the best interests of you and/or your child in mind.


We have several options in place for Testing that is currently scheduled for March 26 and 27 so no need to worry … everyone who should go to the promotional testing will get an opportunity!


We have camps planned for those of you that have no option but to go to work and have no place for your kids.


We are closely monitoring guidelines from the World Health Organization, CDC as well as our state and local governments and agencies almost every hour.


We are also closely watching the decisions made by the Houston County Board of Education.


Our #1 goal is to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.


We will communicate to you via text, email, Facebook, Spark app and phone when ever possible.  Please make sure you have all these methods of communication open to us.  😊


We look forward to everything getting back to “normal” as soon as possible!


If you have any questions, please feel free to text/call us at 478-923-2040.


You're invited!

to the BEST Trunk-or-Treat in Warner Robins, GA