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Victoria Salter reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

I've only been taking classes from here for approx. four months now, but I've learned so much in that short time. From day 1, everyone makes you feel like family and clearly wants to see you do your absolute best. A great school, full of great people!

T.j. Parramore reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

Pursuing a passion of mine since I was a kid! The experience so far has been great. The instructors and practitioners have all been very helpful and encouraging. I am glad I found this place.

Amanda Loyd Talbert reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

Our experience with (Apexx) has been great. My son is learning such great skills and character traits from his instructors. I love how they teach respect and discipline. I can tell that it's making him pay closer attention to adults. And he's setting goal after goal because he wants to be like his instructors. For me, I'm very happy because I'm seeing a lot of growth in him.

Brooke Bedford reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son has only attended for a short amount of time, but already we have seen such an improvement in his behavior and attention span. Everyone here from the staff at the front desk to the class instructors are so nice and helpful!

Valerie Thomas reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

We really enjoyed our trial experience at WR Martial Arts. I was very impressed with how they interacted with my rowdy 3 year old and have seen a big difference in his behavior at home. My 5 year old also learned A LOT in a very short amount of time. We are giving our kids a chance to check out some different sports but if they decide they want to continue with Taekwondo - we will definitely be coming back here! Great staff and program.

April Flagg reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son had his 9th B-day party here and oh my much fun!! The kids loved it! Never a dull moment. Games, food, class and a beautiful sword to cut the cake with. Best part...he keeps the sword! What a great addition to a great day. Great value! My son will remember this party for a long time.

Steven Sheffield reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love it here. It has helped my daughter in so many ways. It has given her so much confidence and higher self esteem. The bonus is learning self defense skills. The staff here love their jobs and really enjoy teaching the kids. It's their passion.

Randy Phillips reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

Great place! Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. We truly enjoyed our visit. Thank you all.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Healthy Competition

What does competition do for you?

More importantly what does healthy competition do for you?


This morning while we were at our workout, I decided that we were going to play a game. We were going to time how long it took for us to flip the tire down the length of the floor and back. While somebody was flipping the tire, the others were doing a different exercise.

Those that were not flipping also were also yelling motivation to the tire-flipper.


Everyone took their turn and established our times.

That tire wore us (me anyway) out!


That big ol’ thing weighs in at about 125 pounds and can be exhausting.


Of course, one person had a better time than everyone else. When I had said we were going to play a game, I bet most thought while we were competing against one another.


I had something different in mind. 😉


After we did our first round of tire flips, we went on to do some other exercises and eventually came back to the tire.


I told everybody that this is where the game takes place. This is your competition. The competition isn’t against anybody else except for yourself.


You had to beat your own time flipping the tire down on the floor.


It wasn’t about beating someone else … although that certainly motivates me to try harder.


The goal was simply to do better than last time.


Guess what happened? Everybody had a better time flipping the tire the second round.


What is it that made everyone do a better job the second time after they had been working out longer and harder and were supposedly more tired than the first time?


In my opinion it was the concept healthy competition.  In addition, we added teamwork and motivation.


It’s amazing what we can do when somebody motivates us, or we motivate ourselves!


We had a goal and even though we were more tired the second time around, we all beat our original time!


Have you ever set a goal and then felt as if you couldn’t reach it because you felt like you were just too tired or didn’t have the motivation or the strength or the courage?


Next time add a couple things.

  1. Healthy competition. Make the competition about you. Push yourself to do better, work harder, be stronger, be faster … whatever it is. Push yourself to be better than you were the last time.
  2. Make sure you have a good team to cheer you on.


Why am I an advocate of people going to martial arts tournaments?


There is no better place for healthy competition.  Help yourself to achieve more than you thought you could.  Accept help and motivation from your teammates.


Do YOU see why?

Ready to engage in some healthy competition?

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Adult Martial Arts and our program here at Apexx.