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Could YOU be the next cash camp champion?

Join us in this 6-week weight loss challenge, where certified instructors lead teams through new bootcamp style workouts each week and the grand prize for highest percentage of total body fat lost is $200!

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Perfect For Beginners

While we welcome campers of all fitness levels, this six-week program provides the perfect exercise reboot for those who are new to working out or looking to get back into the habit. We understand life can be crazy, but we’re here to help. We structure our classes and our schedule to help build consistency, without becoming overwhelming or leaving inadequate time for recovery. 

We care!

Once you sign up, you become a part of our family here at Apexx. It is our goal to build and maintain a unique relationship with everyone that comes through our doors. We leave open multiple lines of communication and are always looking to learn more about your personal goals and objectives as well as what we can do to help you get the most out of your time spent here with us.

Full Body Focus

True fitness is about balance and we, here at Apexx, want to recognize that. That’s why we utilize a variety of exercises including body weight movements, cardio, plyometric exercises, balance drills, weighted drills, and more. Not only does this help us make each class a unique experience but it supports our full-body focus approach to fitness.

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6 PM – 7 PM


6 PM – 7 PM


11 AM – 12 PM


A full hour each class working with a certified trainer

 Classes 3 times each week! This is perfect for fat loss and recovery time for beginners

 Learn the proper techniques to tons of exercises you can do at home WITHOUT EQUIPMENT

 Receive a FREE Nutrition Plan ($79 Value)

 Receive a FREE Apexx T-Shirt or Tank Top ($25 Value)

 6 Weeks of Classes ($180 Value)

FREE entry into our weight loss contest where the winner will be awarded $200!


590 Carl Vinson Parkway, Suite 400

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