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Cre Cart

Everyone working together really inspires me to keep going. And I have lost 10 pounds. Woohoo!

Kimberly Carter

Staff and instructors are very nice and always gives me a great workout. The work outs are never the same and I love that. Such a great place to work out at.

Leslie Nicole

My daughter LOVES this program. She never wants to leave when I arrive and tell her it's time to go. I can not say enough good things about all the coaches and how they are helping my daughter develop valuable skills she will be able to use for a lifetime!

Cari Williams

BEST Afterschool care. My daughter never wants to leave. It makes you feel good when a place makes your child happy. Thanks to all the Coaches for giving our children a place to want to go to.

Casey Lyle

This has been a great choice for a summer camp. The kids are always doing something and my child is excited to go back day after day.

Amanda Stites

Amazing staff, they truly care about their students. This has been such a positive experience for our children, looking forward to continuing our kid's training at Apexx.

Lisete Matias

This is such an awesome place for families! Students really enjoy the programs and the staff is amazing!

Christina Murphy

Dedicated and attentive staff! It takes a village sometimes and Apexx is part of ours! Our daughter has enjoyed the last several months very much. Thank you to the staff for keeping her accountable and encouraging my daughter to do her best!

Andrea Bird

My children’s confidence and self-esteem and discipline have increased tremendously since they have been at Apex! The instructors are caring and set very high standards for the students. Mr. Rankin is an amazing leader!

Victoria Salter reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

I've only been taking classes from here for approx. four months now, but I've learned so much in that short time. From day 1, everyone makes you feel like family and clearly wants to see you do your absolute best. A great school, full of great people!

T.j. Parramore reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

Pursuing a passion of mine since I was a kid! The experience so far has been great. The instructors and practitioners have all been very helpful and encouraging. I am glad I found this place.

Amanda Loyd Talbert reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

Our experience with (Apexx) has been great. My son is learning such great skills and character traits from his instructors. I love how they teach respect and discipline. I can tell that it's making him pay closer attention to adults. And he's setting goal after goal because he wants to be like his instructors. For me, I'm very happy because I'm seeing a lot of growth in him.

Brooke Bedford reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son has only attended for a short amount of time, but already we have seen such an improvement in his behavior and attention span. Everyone here from the staff at the front desk to the class instructors are so nice and helpful!

Valerie Thomas reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

We really enjoyed our trial experience at WR Martial Arts. I was very impressed with how they interacted with my rowdy 3 year old and have seen a big difference in his behavior at home. My 5 year old also learned A LOT in a very short amount of time. We are giving our kids a chance to check out some different sports but if they decide they want to continue with Taekwondo - we will definitely be coming back here! Great staff and program.

April Flagg reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son had his 9th B-day party here and oh my much fun!! The kids loved it! Never a dull moment. Games, food, class and a beautiful sword to cut the cake with. Best part...he keeps the sword! What a great addition to a great day. Great value! My son will remember this party for a long time.

Steven Sheffield reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love it here. It has helped my daughter in so many ways. It has given her so much confidence and higher self esteem. The bonus is learning self defense skills. The staff here love their jobs and really enjoy teaching the kids. It's their passion.

Randy Phillips reviewed Apexx Martial Arts
via Facebook

Great place! Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. We truly enjoyed our visit. Thank you all.

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Challenge Yourself

And Your Skills With Capoeira!

Capoeira training is a full-body exercise that creates strength, power, agility, and flexibility in the body. All levels are welcome. Although Capoeira is a physically challenging art, you do not need to be in good shape to start!


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Capoeira is fast and versatile keeping the participants in constant motion leading to great full-body workout.

This style combines elements of traditional martial arts with dance to improve agility like nothing else.

The benefit of improved flexibility and balance from practicing Capoeira is on par with those from yoga.



Capoeira is for those who are looking for an exciting new group fitness class.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art comprised of dance, fight, theatrics, acrobatics, music, history, and culture. You will have the chance to learn both physical art as well as the Brazilian rhythms and songs in Portuguese.

Build Confidence Through Self-Expression

There is a rhythmic dance element to the movements and practice of capoeira that allow this martial art to transform into an art form all it's own. Build your confidence and your skill as you explore the world of capoeira and learn to express yourself through your movement.


Capoeira is a marvelous exercise for the body, involving all of the muscle groups and developing a series of physical qualities.

While playing in the roda one rapidly notices a great change: less tension, faster reflexes and increased power. Training in Capoeira has many health benefits. These benefits, which far outweigh how tough the training can look to a beginner, will help motivate you to give Capoeira a try.​

Underlying Fitness and Health Benefits

Let's face it. We all spend way too much time at a desk and staring at a computer screen. There's not a single one of us who couldn't benefit from moving more.

Capoeira is an awesome way to increase your level of fitness, while having fun and developing new skills!

See for yourself the many health benefits Capoeira has to offer ...

  • Improves muscle strength and aerobic capacity
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Tones muscles in the arms, legs, and core
  • Strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and enhances sleep quality


Capoeiristas are always moving around on their hands in handstands, rolls, poses, etc. that can make a drastic improvement on upper body strength. They also perform many jumping kicks and movements that definitely improve leg strength.

Many times athletes from various sports are surprised when they feel winded from a capoeira workout. This is because capoeira uses muscle groups and cardio fitness in unique ways. Intense capoeira games can require enormous amounts of energy. This, combined with constant repetition of movements and techniques, makes capoeira a valuable cardio exercise.

Some capoeiristas are on par with serious yoga practitioners in terms of their flexibility. But even those who moderately improve their flexibility lower their risk for injury and increase their everyday mobility.

Even with some of the basic moves, you will begin to notice how the muscles in your body work together to produce fluid movement. You will also feel them working in ways you are not used to. Soon you will build strength all over, and tone up.

Become a Part of a Welcoming Community

When you walk into your first Capoeira class, you're immediately welcomed as a member of our martial arts family, no matter who you are.

We're a like-minded and friendly community of Capoeria students and teachers, and we do our best to ensure that prospective and new students of all ages, shapes, and abilities feel comfortable during their class.

Our classes provide a healthy and supportive environment to meet people and make life-long friendships with others who share your passion for martial arts. Come check out an upcoming class, and we promise that you'll feel right at home.

I've only been taking classes from here for approx. four months now, but I've learned so much in that short time. From day 1, everyone makes you feel like family and clearly wants to see you do your absolute best. A great school, full of great people!

Victoria Salter

Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


I'm not much of a dancer. Can I still succeed with capoeira?

You don't need any prior skills or experience to be successful in our capoeira classes. We welcome all skill levels and will teach you everything you need to know. Learning the rhythmic movements of capoeira may even give you added confidence next time you do hit the dance floor.

I don't think of myself as an athlete and I'm not very flexible. Can I do capoeira?

Don't be discouraged. Physical fitness and flexibility will improve with training. All you need is a desire to learn from our expert instructors and we'll be there to help you reach your personal apex.

I get nervous walking by myself and don't feel safe at night. Can capoeira be used as self-defense?

While the fluid and rhythmic movements of capoeira may be fun to watch but they can also be quite effective. This style of martial arts can teach you to dodge potential attacks and defend yourself in a bad situation. It is also considered quite unexpected which can quickly lend you the upper hand in an altercation.

I don’t feel good about myself. Can practicing capoeira make me feel better?

Yes. The benefits of capoeira extend beyond a great workout and self-defense skill. Our students also build their confidence, make new friends, and learn to overcome obstacles both in the studio and in life.

Do people really study capoeira to make friends?

Yes, it happens all the time. Everyone in the class has an interest in martial arts and fitness, and that gives people a good starting place to build new friendships.

I do better with workouts when I have a friend with me. Can my friend and I take classes together?

Yes, we love it when friends come in together. Working out together can help strengthen your friendship and help both of you meet new people, too.



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